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 2016 Election: Electoral, Popular, %
  Trump   304/306, 63.0m, 46.1%
  Clinton: 232, 65.9m, 48.2%


The Democratic Party is Wrong on Immigration and the Republican Party is Wrong on Taxes.

Two amendments to the Constitution are needed. The first is to end birthright citizenship and the second is to limit the terms of justices of the supreme Court and inferior Courts.

Dec 10: Should the Democrats impeach President Trump?

We believe the Democrts should investigate but not impeach Trump. They and the American People need to see Trump's recent tax returns and the report from Special Counsel. Is Trump a crook? Did Trump pay income taxes? If he paid the correct taxes, are there some tax laws that need to be changed to insure that wealthy Americans pay taxes to support national defense and the entitlement programs? We believe that assets that appreciate in value should not be allowed a depreciation deduction. We also believe that capital gains should be taxed at the same rate as ordinary income. This was the rule under the Tax Reform Act of 1986 that President Reagan signed into law. We also believe that the welfare components of Social Security and Medicare need to be supported by taxes on non-wage income, including a tax on capital gains and value of estates after the capital gains have been paid. A major loophole is the use of the stepped-up basis rule that enables capital gains on transfers of appreciated assets to avoid taxes.

Oct 27: Are Friends of Trump Behind the Caravan of Migrants from Honduras and Guatemala?

One of the main reasons for voters to support Trump is his rhetoric on immigration. The Trump mid-term campaign to elect Republicans is benefiting from the caravan because it motivates his base and emphasizes the weakness of the Democratic Party on immigration. It should be noted that many members of the Republican establishment and Libertarians also like cheap immigrant labor. The Republicans control both the House and Senate and have not tried to pass any immigration reform or fund the wall. They would rather blame the Democrats than solve the problem.

Trump has suggested that some Democrats, notably George Soros, are funding the caravan. Soros is not stupid. It is more likely that friends of Trump are behind the caravan than Democrats because the caravan mainly benefits Trump. Most of the migrants are motivated to join the caravan because of the violence, poverty and political corruption in Honduras and Guatemala.

On Monday, October 22, Trump threatened to cut off or substantially reduce U. S. aid to Honduras and Guatemala. This is a hollow threat. Both President Juan Orlando Hernández of Honduras and President Jimmy Morales of Guatemala are Evangelicals and friends of Trump, Mike Pence, Benjamin Netanyahu, and American Evangelical Christian-Zionists. Both countries decided to move their embassies to Jerusalem after Trump did. A planned visit by Hernández to Israel in April 2018 was canceled because of public opposition for his responsibility "for grave human rights violations in his country."

We urge Trump and American Evangelical Christians to work with their friends in Honduras and Guatemala to create sanctuary cities in the home countries of the caravan migrants.

Oct 26: Did Bernie Sanders ever verbally attack House Majority Whip Steve Scalise (R-LA)?

We watched Fox News right after the the announcement of the arrest of mail bomber suspect Cesar Sayoc. Our respect for Chris Wallace was seriously eroded in his verbal confrontation with Shepard Smith over Donald Trump's rhetoric. Wallace said that Trump was no more responsible for this act by one of his supporters than Bernie Sander was for the shooting of Steve Scalise by a Sanders supporter on June 12, 2107. This line comparing Donald Trump responsibility to that of Bernie Sanders is the standard defense used by Trump and his sycophants. The fact is that Trump verbally attacked the individuals that were the target Cesar Sayoc. There is no evidence that we are aware of that Bernie Sanders ever verbally attacked Steve Scalise.

It should be noted that the Trump Tax Act of 2017 was passed without hearings and in haste without bipartisan support. It created many inequities and is in need of reform.

We would like to see all capital gains be recognized at the time of any transfer of ownership. Remember that the 1986 Tax Reform Bill signed by President Ronald Reagan taxed capital gains at the same marginal rate as ordinary income. The present effective capital gain tax rate for most wealthy individuals is between 0 and 5%. There are too many opportunities in the Tax Code to avoid paying taxes on capital gains on a timely basis. These inequities will persist as long as we have three corrupt branches of government.

We need campaign finance reform law that limits individual contributions by U.S. citizens and bans contributions by others, including associations and corporations.

Sept. 13: Some ideas and concerns that may interest you. We have not seen them elsewhere on the web

1. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has a problem with the West Point Cadet Honor Code that states: "A cadet will not lie, cheat, steal, or tolerate those who do." It should be obvious to all rational observers that President Donald Trump lies. Hopefully, someone will have the courage to ask Pompeo about this. How can one who graduated first in his class at West Point tolerate Trump?

2. What would the three authors of The Federalist Papers think of the current Federalist Society and their nominees for the Supreme Court? The Federalist Society claims to uphold the original interpretation of the U. S. Constitution by James Madison, Alexander Hamilton and John Jay, the first Chief Justice of the United States. Its logo is a silhouette of President James Madison.

Somehow the Federalist Society implies that they represent the views of the three authors. We find this a little strange because the current Federalist Society seems to be dominated by Catholics and that all their recent nominees have been Catholics.

Although educated by Presbyterians, James Madison was influenced by deism and was a strong advocate for the freedom of religion and probably would oppose nominees with strong religious views. Alexander Hamilton was raised as a Presbyterian and was tutored by a Jewish schoolmistress. He also had deist views. John Jay was descended from Huguenots and became a member of the Protestant Episcopal Church. He believed in a strong, centralized government and became an advocate for the emancipation of slaves. He also once held the view that Catholics should be prohibited from holding office. So what do you think?