Philhower descendants in cousin Isaac Melick Philhower's car - 1907

Back seat - Lyda Lewis Philhower Babbitt with Karlton Foster (8/31/1906 - 3/14/1910)
Front seat - Claude Babbitt, Hilda La Verne Babbitt, Marion Philhower

Isaac Melick Philhower was Hilda's 1st cousin, once removed. Through his mother, Matilda Pickel, he was a descendant of Peter Rockefeller and Mary Bellis. Isaac's lineage to these ancestors is Matilda Pickel, Mary Ann Bellis, William Rockefeller Bellis, and Mary Rockefeller. Presumably, Mary Rockefeller's husband, Adam Bellis, was related to her mother.

The Bellis name was probably derived from Bellersfelt. A Wilhelm Bellersfelt was a neighbor of the original Rockefeller immigrant, Johann Peter Rockefeller. Some genealogies say that Mary Bellis' father's name was William. According to ''The transactions of the Rockefeller Family Association ... with genealogy New York: Knickebocker Press, 1910-1926, 1100 pgs,'' the 1750 home of Peter Rockefeller was jointly purchased by G. C. Sergeant and Adam M. Bellis around 1860. This book refers to the first son of the original Johann Peter, as Peter and not as Johann Peter, 2nd.

Mary's brother, William, married Christina Rockefeller, who was a distant relative of their father, Peter Rockefeller. William and Christina's great grandson was John Davison Rockefeller. The descent to him is Godfrey Rockefeller and William Avery Rockefeller. Mary and William also had a brother named, Godfree.

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