Eliphalet Jones (1641 - 6/5/1732)

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For example, there is a question as to whether Rev. Eliphlet Jones was the first settled minister of of the First Congregational Church of Greenwich. Because there is a conflict we have headed the section as First "Settled" Minister of Greenwich?

Early Years 1641-1664


Itinerant Minister to Greenwich, CT and Rye, New York

First Minister of Greenwich, CT

Call extended to Jones on February 2, 1669 to become first settled minister

First "settled" minister of Greenwich?


Grimes Will dated July 18, 1670

Assistant Minster to Rev. John Bishop of Stamford

First Minister of Huntington, NY

Huntingdon was settled by a number of people from England, and by emigrants from New England. The first minister was Rev. Eliphalet Jones, a Congregationalist from New England.